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If an area of your mouth has lost multiple teeth, or you have suffered full tooth loss, you may struggle with an impaired ability to chew your food or speak clearly. It may be possible for Dr. Jeff Tufarolo to restore missing teeth through treatment such as dental implants or a custom set of dentures. We invite you to learn more about how dentures can improve your smile following significant tooth loss.

To begin the process of providing dentures for your smile, our dentist needs to examine the area to assess the health and strength of any remaining teeth and determine if they have been weakened by gum disease or tooth decay. If the surrounding teeth are still in good shape, we may recommend a partial denture instead.

To provide your custom dentures, we use a a detailed impression of your smile, including any remaining natural teeth, to send to a dental lab so that technicians can view your bite pattern. This is done to ensure that your dentures can fit well and look natural. Despite the custom design of your dentures for a tight fit, you may also find it helpful to apply denture adhesive to provide a stronger hold for the appliance and prevent food particles from building up underneath.

Following the loss of multiple teeth or full tooth loss, contact Jeff Tufarolo, DDS, PS at 425-258-2834 today to learn more about receiving dentures in Everett, Washington. Our goal is to help you receive the most effective tooth replacement option for your smile.