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In order to ensure your smile has the proper protection, you should always set forth an oral health care prevention checklist to assess any risks that can arise. In regard to a gum tissue infection such as periodontal disease, it’s always a good idea to assess any risks that can take place, and protect your mouth as necessary.

If you are partaking in any unhealthy lifestyle choices and using products that can severely diminish your own physical health, you will often be at an increased risk for gum disease. This can include using products such as tobacco whether you were smoking or chewing it, as well as using drugs. These substances are extremely unsafe and can destroy your smile in numerous ways including causing gum disease.

Gum tissue infection can arise at any time, and gum disease is often caused by risk factors that you have very little control over. In fact, individuals who are genetically predisposed to gum disease are more than six times more likely to develop the disease. In addition, if you are pregnant, have diabetes, or are going through hormonal changes, the risk of developing gum disease will be raised.

To keep your smile safe from the dangers of gum disease, it is important to make sure you’re practicing effective oral health care treatments on a daily basis. Your risk will also raise for gum disease if you are not eating correctly and avoiding the proper foods and drinks. Make sure you are receiving the necessary nutrition to keep your smile strong and safe. In addition, routinely visit your dentist for the necessary treatments and professional cleanings throughout the year.

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