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Dental Bridges in Everett WAProviding dental bridges in Everett WA, the dental office of Jeffrey Tufarolo, DDS, PS is able to restore missing teeth, improving your look and your bite. We use dental bridges to replace one or multiple missing teeth in both a cosmetic and functional fashion.

What is a tooth bridge?

This dental appliance uses two anchors on either side to place a single or multiple false teeth between them. This device is permanently cemented into place, making it non-removable. The bridge structure is sustained by two anchors, which can consist of either healthy teeth or teeth implants. The bridge uses dental crowns placed over the anchors with the false teeth, all as one unit. Dental Bridges are permanent, meaning they are not removable. Non-removable bridges are cemented into place and many of our patients report forgetting that they are even there.

Why have a dental bridge?

Dental Bridges fill in the gaps of missing teeth restoring your proper bite and preventing your remaining teeth from shifting to fill the gap which may lead to additional bite and jaw joint issues. Bridges can be constructed from various materials including: gold, porcelain and metal, or all ceramic. Ceramic bridge color is made to match your natural tooth color. Dr. Tufarolo can discuss the options and help you decide which is best for your situation. Material choice will depend on structural requirements, wear, and aesthetics.

Why Should I Consider a Dental Bridge?

Dental Bridges provide a lot of benefits for restoring missing teeth. Some of the benefits include:
•  Filling the gaps of missing teeth
•  Help maintain your facial shape and stop the effects of bone atrophy
•  Prevent your other teeth from shifting
•  Restore chewing, prevent the need to chew on the other side
•  Restore speaking, speech can be impaired from missing teeth
•  Restore the look and beauty of your smile
•  Upgrade your removeable partial denture, to a cemented, permanent fixture

Dental Bridge Procedure

Placing a Dental Bridge requires at least two office visits, more if more restorative work is necessary or if implants are needed. The process begins with Dr. Tufarolo preparing the two anchor teeth for your new dental appliance. This process involves permanently reducing the size and altering the shape of the healthy teeth to receive dental crowns. It should be noted, that this process will cause a permanent alteration to the two teeth. For some patients, the anchors will not be teeth, but will be two tooth implants.

With the area prepared, Dr. Tufarolo will take an impression using a mold of your teeth which will be sent to a dental laboratory where your bridge will be fabricated. While we wait for your new bridge to be customized, a temporary bridge will be worn for approximately two weeks, when we will schedule an appointment for fitting.

Your fitting will begin with Dr. Tufarolo visually checking your device. He will ensure that there are no rough edges and that the fit is comfortable. He will make any adjustments needed, and then place a bonding cement in the device, placing it over the designated area. Your new dental bridge is tightly, securely in place. At your future hygiene checkups, he will check the bond, ensuring that it is still strong, or if it needs to be recemented.

We will discuss with you how to care for your bridge, and provide you with care instructions if requested, but in general, you will care for your bridge as you would your natural teeth. Daily brushing, flossing and regular dental visits will extend the life of your new bridge. Dental bridges will need to be eventually replaced, but it should last you for several years.

For more information on dental bridges, contact Jeff Tufarolo, DDS, at our Everett, WA 98201, office. (425) 405-6400

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